The Workbench Podcast
Workbench 600

Workbench is hosted by Seth W. and Bill Meis, two people who work in music and love technology. They want to share some of their nerdy knowledge to help make your workday easier and more manageable.

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    #63 - Greener Grass

    Bill and Seth talk compare and despair, ambiverts, openings bands and more.

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    #62 - Rules of Thumbs

    Seth and Bill talk travel, never having cash, and Seth's struggles which he won't talk about on air.

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    #58 Going Back to School

    Seth and Bill talk about getting in trouble, not being able to swim anymore, and getting drunk (or not).

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    #57 - Bill Gets His Grhythm Back

    Seth and Bill discuss Bills' recent surgery, car accidents, the economy, blue tooth speakers, and saving the music industry from the woes of streaming services.

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