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Workbench 600

Workbench is hosted by Seth Werkheiser and Bill Meis, two people who work in music and love technology. They want to share some of their nerdy knowledge to help make your workday easier and more manageable.

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    #84 - Falling in Love With a Diaper Thief

    Seth and Bill talk about shorts (the electrical kind), stolen diapers, video game testing, household chaos. Seth's journey west, and yard sales.

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    #83 - Taxi Guns & Out Of Office

    Seth and Bill catch up after a summer hiatus. Seth gives taxi driving a try, Bill rants on out of office emails.

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    #82 - Not My Throwup

    This week, after somewhat of a hiatus, Bill and Seth talk about Disney World, getting sick and dive deep into Sanebox. (not a sponsor)

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    #81 - Firehose to the Face

    Seth and Bill talk about having access to too much information and how it can be distracting.

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    #80 - Tickle Me Roomba

    We talk about Fidget Cubes, Roombas, Bill falling down the stairs and S-Town the podcast.

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    #78 - In Sickness and In Health Care

    Bill talks about being exposed to sickness 24/7 while Seth fills Bill in on some internet phenomena he wasn't aware of. They talk about online harassment, USB mics and the importance of being organized and prepared.

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    #77 - Checklist Charlie

    Seth ran for a good cause, Bill recaps his shortened yet busy SXSW trip. Seth switched his task manager and Bill is obsessed with checklists.

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    #76 - Day to Day Shoes

    The weekly conversation between Seth and Bill. Bill got a new phone, Seth loves the running app, Strava.

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