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Workbench is hosted by Seth Werkheiser and Bill Meis, two people who work in music and love technology. They want to share some of their nerdy knowledge to help make your workday easier and more manageable.

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    #84 - Falling in Love With a Diaper Thief

    Seth and Bill talk about shorts (the electrical kind), stolen diapers, video game testing, household chaos. Seth's journey west, and yard sales.

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    #83 - Taxi Guns & Out Of Office

    Seth and Bill catch up after a summer hiatus. Seth gives taxi driving a try, Bill rants on out of office emails.

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    #82 - Not My Throwup

    This week, after somewhat of a hiatus, Bill and Seth talk about Disney World, getting sick and dive deep into Sanebox. (not a sponsor)

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    #81 - Firehose to the Face

    Seth and Bill talk about having access to too much information and how it can be distracting.

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    #80 - Tickle Me Roomba

    We talk about Fidget Cubes, Roombas, Bill falling down the stairs and S-Town the podcast.

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    #78 - In Sickness and In Health Care

    Bill talks about being exposed to sickness 24/7 while Seth fills Bill in on some internet phenomena he wasn't aware of. They talk about online harassment, USB mics and the importance of being organized and prepared.

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    #77 - Checklist Charlie

    Seth ran for a good cause, Bill recaps his shortened yet busy SXSW trip. Seth switched his task manager and Bill is obsessed with checklists.

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    #76 - Day to Day Shoes

    The weekly conversation between Seth and Bill. Bill got a new phone, Seth loves the running app, Strava.

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    #74 - Chapstick Politics

    Bill and Seth talk swastikas, politics, Android phones, and prepping for the end of the world!

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    #72 - Post-Fact Social Anxiety

    How to be an informed citizen and still stay sane, how we can keep doing good journalism, and paying for the content we want to see stick around.

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    #70 - Cops + Cheeseburgers

    Bill and Seth discuss coffee, weight loss, news, and Bill talks to the cops.

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    #69 - Truman Show

    Seth talks about leaving Evernote, Bill talks about his new home tech.

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    #63 - Greener Grass

    Bill and Seth talk compare and despair, ambiverts, openings bands and more.

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    #62 - Rules of Thumbs

    Seth and Bill talk travel, never having cash, and Seth's struggles which he won't talk about on air.

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    #58 Going Back to School

    Seth and Bill talk about getting in trouble, not being able to swim anymore, and getting drunk (or not).

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    #57 - Bill Gets His Grhythm Back

    Seth and Bill discuss Bills' recent surgery, car accidents, the economy, blue tooth speakers, and saving the music industry from the woes of streaming services.

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    #56 Generation Bluetooth

    Seth and Bill gab about time at sea, sensational news, and generations.

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    #50 Snapchat and Snelfies

    Seth and Bill discuss pant sizes, Snapchat, and recurring software fees.

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    #45 Humble Brag

    We discuss more travel, humble brags, and some good ole spontaneity.

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    #43 Data Traveler

    Bill and Seth talk about aliens, Murphy's Law, Starbucks at PABT, SXSW, grammar, and more.

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    #37 Widgets and Ding Dongs

    Bill and Seth talk about 10,000 characters on Twitter, media players, and time blocking.

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    #35 Plain Text, Solar Toast

    Seth and Bill talk about physical retail, piracy, OmniFocus and Drafts being their go-to apps of 2015 and Seth's odd reason for not liking HBO's The Sopranos.

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    #30 Books + Holiday Hashtags

    Bill and Seth discuss umbrellas, books, and handling disappointment like a grown-up.

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    #29 Cash Only + Out Of Office Emails

    Bill and Seth talk about cash only businesses, the fall of RDIO, music streaming, online store transaction experiences and whether or not email out of office messages are needed in 2016.

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    #28 Laptops in Meetings?

    This week Seth and Bill talk about having laptops in meetings, pens and paper and note taking in general. Bill also provides an update on his "screw in the skull" hearing aid!

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    #27 The Squeaky Wheel Gets Deleted

    Seth and Bill talk about where the phone call stands in the modern day workplace and it's drastically different role. They also discuss follow up, networking and creating your own content.

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    #26 Boredom and Adult Friendships

    Bill and Seth lay out their origin friendship story, boredom, google docs, adult friendships in general, not messing with stories and hearing aids planted into your skull.

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    #25 Watching Horror Movies on Airplanes

    Bill admits he pretends to be deaf sometimes, Seth admits to actually seeing a movie relevant to pop culture. They talk about imposter syndrome, taking credit for your work and Playboy Magazine.

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    #24 We're Back!

    Bill and Seth catch up from their unofficial hiatus. Bill had a baby, Seth bought a bike. They talk about workflows, problem solving and expectations learned from sleeping on wet floors.

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    #22 Meetings

    In this episode the Workbench crew discuss the finer points of attending and hosting good meetings!

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    #21 Downtime

    Seth and Bill talk about the importance of, "getting away," as a way to increase your productivity.

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    #20 Photo Storage on the Cloud

    The Workbench duo discuss the latest cloud-based photo syncing services and why we need them in the first place.

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    #19 Scheduling and Phone Calls

    Seth and Bill discuss better ways to schedule phone calls (ugg) and meetings. More than just fancy apps, we talk about the reasoning behind scheduling, and how to rethink it.

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    #18 Remote Working!

    We're big fans of remote working, but remote interviews, remote music, remote podcasts are fun, too!

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    #17 Delegation

    Sometimes it's best to delegate work to other people. Interns, subordinates, friends - whatever! We discuss some of the ways we do it, and how you can, too.

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    #16 Burnout

    Inspired by a Tweet by Annie Zaleski, former editor of Alternative Press, Bill and Seth discuss burnout - what it means, how to spot it, and what to do about it.

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    #14 Browser Extensions

    In this episode we talk about getting stuff done without ever leaving your browser.

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    #9 Getting Paid Online

    The Workbench duo talk about accepting payments online and sending paperless invoices.

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    #8 - Podcasts!

    The Workbench crew talks about their favorite podcasts, how they listen, and what apps they use to listen!

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    #7 - Video Chat

    We take a look at some of the basic video chat services out there, and explore how you can use them in your work flow.

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    #4 - Getting started with Web Apps

    In this episode we talk about web-apps; what used to be a program is now an "application" that loads right in your web browser! We talk about some of our favorite web-apps that help us get work done.

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    #1 - Let's Stop Drowning In Email

    Seth and Bill kick off their first episode by talking about something we all use every day, email. Since there was no course on email in college or high school, none of us learned how to use it properly. What's the result? Millions of us using it WRONG.

    Check out episode #1 for some tips and tricks to manage your email more effectively and get through your day a little bit easier.

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